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  • Free membership!
  • Free hosting for Beehive forums with Ajax Chat!
  • One forums system with a single user base and per-forum options.
  • 118n multiple language support.
  • Personal chat room created on forum system registration.
  • Forums and chats styles drop downs for personal view settings.
  • Chat features include actions, dice, public and private rooms, afk, and more!
  • Chat room owners can gag, ban, and kick. Even decide for how long.
  • Reply-to-user, reply-to-all, and quick reply posting options.
  • Mark topics as Normal, High Interest, Ignore, or Subscribe.
  • Members can subscribe to individual threads or folders.
  • Review thread allows viewing the entire thread while replying.
  • Ignore signatures, folders, topics, users, even entire forums.
  • E-mail notifications of posted replies and Private Messages to you.
  • Member-to-member email via message board or profile.
  • Complete Private Message system with export utility and auto pruning.
  • Member privacy controls: browse forum anonymously, disallow PMs, email, and more!
  • Flexible searching system, accessibility support, and easy-to-use frame-based layout.
  • Multiple style options, including dyslexia support.
  • Choose from multiple emoticons packages.
  • Plain text (HTML button) and WYSIWYG editor options.
  • Post Tools; post preview, signatures, emoticons, embed videos, music, and more.
  • Advanced word-filtering: both user and forum based.
  • Polls with multiple formats, anonymous voting, public ballots, and more.
  • Lite Version for use with PDAs and mobiles.
  • Forum links drop down allows linking across the web.
  • Separate Links section for users to share links more easily.
  • Ability to enable or disable forum stats on message board.
  • My Forums page with personal settings; Favorites, Available, and Ignored.
  • Personal avatar image support (jpg, jpeg, gif, png).
  • User profiles with image support (jpg, gif, jpeg, png).
  • User profiles with homepage url, number of posts by user, and more.
  • Control who sees your profile with privacy options.
  • Signatures; signature editing with plain text (HTML button, or WYSIWYG editor.
  • Use one signature for all forums or a different one for each.
  • Flexible relationships system: Ignore user, users posts, or signatures, and more.
  • Forum Owner:Full, easy to use forum admin tools
  • Forum Owner:Create and edit a forum Home/Start/Entry page.
  • Forum Owner:Create and edit a forum Home/Start/Entry page with plain text or WYSIWYG editor.
  • Forum Owner:Preview Home/Start/Entry page.
  • Forum Owner:Upload Home/Start/Entry page css.
  • Forum Owner:Set forum content rating; General, 14 Years, Mature, Restricted.
  • Forum Owner:Separate Links section allows forum staff to easily organize and moderate links.
  • Forum Owner:List possible aliases for each user.
  • Forum Owner:Wormed, Pilloried, and Kick user controls.
  • Forum Owner:Ban With IP, Nickname, Username, Email, or HTTP Referrer.
  • Forum Owner:Delete all posts by a user in thread or throughout forum.
  • Forum Owner:Create sticky threads, split and merge threads, close threads, lock folders and titles.
  • Forum Owner:Set a time limit for editing posts without 'Edited by' text appearing.
  • Forum Owner:Move deleted threads to trash folder or permanently delete.
  • Forum Owner:Create unique user profile setup for your forum.
  • Forum Owner:Create, edit, and delete controls for forum folders.
  • Forum Owner:Set individual permissions for each folder; normal threads, no-polls, polls only, and more.
  • Forum Owner:Forum links drop down allows linking across the web.
  • Forum Owner:Full user permissions controls.
  • Forum Owner:Full group creation, editing, and deletion controls.
  • Forum Owner:Admin logs of all forum activities.
  • Forum Owner:In depth forum stats for forum owner.
  • Forum Owner:Allow or deny guest access to certain folders or whole forum.
  • Forum Owner:Show or don't show guests on visitor log.
  • Forum Owner:Make forum Public, or private (Restricted or Password Protected).
  • <>Forum Owner:Set 'Forum Rules' to be agreed to during registration.
  • Forum Owner:Private forum owners can create a message page for nonmember visitors.
  • Forum Owner:Private forum owners can see nonmember visits on their forum's visitor log.
  • Forum Owner:Create Forum Closed page for notifications of closure, maintenance, etc.
  • Forum Owner:Allow or disallow forum stats on message board.
  • Forum Owner:Create forum Word Filter, allow Wiki integration, Rss Feeds, and more.
  • Forum Owner:Ajax chat room you own and manage for your forum.
  • Forum Owner:Forum moderators are chat room moderators.
  • Forum Owner:Chat comes with full gag, ban, kick - including how long.

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